Poorly performing technology will make customers rethink doing business with you.

Evolving technology can provide a competitive advantage.

But without expert support and preventative maintenance, it can easily plague you with costly downtime, sluggish networks, security risks, and an overwhelmed IT department.

This can leave your employees frustrated, customers dissatisfied, and bottom line shrinking.

Make sure clients can rely on you by getting reliable IT from CSR.

For a flat monthly fee, we’ll proactively manage and optimize your IT around the clock.

From data backups and technical support to strategic consulting and cybersecurity, we can fill any gaps in your current IT department, or we can become your entire IT department.

With your customized solutions seamlessly integrated, you’ll immediately enjoy more efficient and secure operations and serve your customers better.

Our managed IT services benefit your business with:


Increased Productivity

24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support prevent issues before they occur, giving you maximum uptime.


Cybersecurity Optimization

Multitiered services and tools like anti-malware and advanced firewalls keep you safe from any cyberthreat.



Pay the same amount every month no matter what issues may occur in your IT systems with our flat-rate fee.


Vendor Management

Holistic management ensures all your needs are met by the best providers of VoIP, Telecom Management, Cell Phones, and Network Cabling.


Peace of mind

Rest easy and focus on growing your business knowing your IT is always on, up to date, and secure.