Our suite of Cloud Computing Services includes:

Hybrid Server Infrastructure

  • Virtual Servers
  • Storage
  • Datacenter space

Office 365

  • Hosted Microsoft® Exchange
  • Sharepoint
  • Teams
  • Spam / AV Filtering
  • Encrypted Email
  • Email Archiving

Hosted Applications

  • Web based Applications
  • Full Applications hosted via Remote Desktop Services

Cloud Backup & Recovery

  • Local backup for quick recovery
  • Online Backup for geographic redundancy
  • Ability to failover entire server infrastructure in cloud in case of catastrophic issue at your facility

Cloud Support

  • Functional and technical support of your Cloud environment
  • Configuration management
  • Functionality integration and enhancements
  • Patch management

* CSR and its cloud providers store all data within the United States of America.

The many ways our cloud services enhance your business include:



Easily expand or reduce your storage space and computing resources to meet demand.


Cloud Security

Multilayered security features like firewalls, email protection, and 24/7 monitoring ensure your data is never compromised.


Cloud Backups

Real-time local backups and geographically redundant off-site backups guarantee your data and infrastructure are always available.


Cost Reductions

Minimized hardware management and maintenance costs.


Increased Productivity

Work and collaborate from anywhere with the latest cloud versions of all Office 365 productivity apps like Microsoft Exchange, Teams, and SharePoint.


Complete Support

From technical support to configuration and patch management, your systems will always be up to date and equipped with the latest functionality so you maintain your edge.